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       Services We Can Offer You...

Paint Repairs

Anything from a light scuff on
your paint to...


Insurance Repairs

Whether your at fault or not
we can handle your insurance repair...


Bumper Repairs

Whether it's the front or the back
of your car, the bumpers are usually
the first to get damaged...


Private Repairs

Not wanting to claim it on your


Panel Beating

From a small scratch on a panel
to a large accident...


Low Cost Hire Cars

When your car is having to be off
the road for the repairs...


Paint Rejuvenation

Have you noticed your paint
fading or some light


Claim Assistance

We deal with insurance companies
every day and we are familiar with
their terms and conditions...


Paint Protection

You just bought a brand
new car or a car that is
new to you...


A Tidy Up

This can be for when you
are ready to sell or trade
in your vehicle...