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Quoting and Assessing

When you come in to see us your vehicle is examined in great detail. Our estimators prepare an in-depth, fully itemized quote using the latest computer technology. This allows us to gain authorisation from your insurance company to proceed with repairs as soon as possible. We are approved repairers for most insurance companies. This means that we can get started on the repairs, in many cases, straight away without the need for multiple quotes, which can mean that you are without your car for the shortest possible time.


Precision alignment equipment allows our panel repair technicians to repair your vehicle to great accuracy. We align your vehicle to manufacturers’ specification, which means that when your car has been repaired by Moro Accident Repair Centre, it has been repaired properly.


Now that your car has been repaired, its now time for the cosmetics that most people see, the paint work. At Moro Accident Repair Centre we use Spies Hecker paints, which is the first choice of many of the worlds leading and most respected car makers. Spies Hecker provide their diamond lifetime warranty because they are confident in their product that we use.


After the repairs and paintwork are complete, our experienced & highly skilled technicians re-assemble and fit the parts as required, getting your car back to pre-accident condition.

Finishing Touches

Your car is now back to pre-accident condition, once it has been washed & checked over it is FINISHED!!

Do You Have Choice of Repairer

Need a quote for your car fast?