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Whether your at fault or not we can handle your insurance repair. We are an authorized repairer for most insurance companies and work with all the common insurance companies like AAMI, Vero, Youi, Allianz, Zurich, QBE, CGU, RACV and many more.


While we are representing the insurance companies with their requirements in the repair of the vehicle, we also represent you, the customer, in making sure we are looking after your best interest when repairing your car.



Not at Fault - What you need to know when your not at fault.


This is when the other driver is in the wrong and they have impacted your vehicle.


In this case,

¨ You can either go through your own insurance and provide them with all the details of the person at fault (this usually is without any expense to you)

¨ Or you can go through the at fault party’s insurance.

¨ Once you have decided which way you would like to go and have received a claim number from the insurance company, we can assist in the process of getting the vehicle assessed and repaired.


Remember… It’s your car, it’s not your fault, So it’s your right to choose your own repairer!


At Fault - What you need to know when your at fault.


¨ You will need to make a claim with your insurance company,

¨ If there was another party involved you will need to give your insurance their details as well.

¨ You may be asked to pay an excess at the time of making the claim or to the repairer upon pick up of your repaired vehicle.

When you are at fault, your no claims record may be affected. So if the damage is minor and the cost of repair is less that the excess, it may be a better option to get it repaired privately. Read more about private vehicle repairs here.


Whether your at fault or not, we can help you through the process to be able to get your vehicle repaired as quickly as possible.


Do You Have Choice of Repairer

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