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Do You Have Choice of Repairer?





If you have a repairer that you’re comfortable with & have dealt with previously, you should be able to insist that your repairer carry out the work.



Some Insurance Companies

...WILL allow you to choose. They are prepared to negotiate a fair price for a quality job by a repairer of your choice.


Other Insurance Companies

...MAY NOT allow you to choose. Some have set up recommended repairer schemes & they will sometimes go to extreme lengths to shift you into their repairer network.

If you feel coerced at any time, be prepared to argue for your rights or to walk away.










Remember: You should be the one to choose who works on your car


The Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC) recommends that vehicle owners read & understand the small print.

If your insurer does not allow you to select your own repairer, we - along with the VACC - strongly suggest you immediately switch to another insurer that does.


There is often only a relatively small difference between the premiums, but a very large difference between the way your car is repaired.


You can find more information on the VACC here

Do You Have Choice of Repairer

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