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Whether it’s the front or back of your car that has been hit, the bumpers are usually the first to get damaged. When this does happen to you, you have the choice to replace or repair. Replacing the whole bumper can be expensive but you can avoid that by choosing to repair.


Most modern cars have a high plastic content, which can usually be repaired with no loss in strength.

Plastics have a memory, so when they are treated correctly, they can be remoulded back to their original shape. Once reshaped, splits, tears, etc are welded or urethaned depending on the type of plastic.


We can handle all of your bumper repairs whether it is a dent, scraped, scratched or chipped.

Here at Moro & Dooly we have the equipment, the skill & over 30 years experience to be able to repair your bumper to it’s former glory.


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